Registered students may purchase correspondence courses online. To maintain an active student status with the School of Ministries, a student must complete and turn in for grading at least one course every twelve months. Once a class is purchased, it is due for completion within 90 days.  Students who need more time to complete their course may apply for an extension. Upon acceptance, additional time (a period of grace) may be granted as determined by the School of Ministries.

Students who fail to complete a course after twelve months will be classified as “withdrawn,” will forfeit all tuition paid for that course, and will be placed in “inactive” status. An inactive student may become “active” again by enrolling in a course and submitting homework for grading. To obtain credit for the course, a student must re-enroll. Re-enrollment will be at the current tuition rates.

Classes taught in a classroom setting such as the one-week intensive (Word Conference) and fall/winter classes have required due dates for homework that are predetermined and communicated to the students in attendance. Extensions must be requested should the student need more than the allotted time. If homework is not turned in within twelve months of the specific course session, the student will be considered “withdrawn” and full tuition payment will be required to re-enroll in the course.