The Word Conference

White Horse School of Ministries is a unique, non-traditional school of learning. Our students are instructed by being immersed in what we call “cutting edge” or “what-the-Spirit-is-saying-to-the-church-now” teaching. It is practical, relevant, biblically-based teaching with precept and examples. That is why we require those who are seeking a degree to include classes taken at our March Word Conference One-Week Intensive.

Winter Term

We offer course(s) during the Winter season for our students. Each year the course(s) provided are hand picked to provide a launching point for each students’ future growth in their degree path. Visit the Winter Term section to see more details regarding the course(s) provided for each upcoming year.


Registered students may purchase correspondence courses online. To maintain an active student status with the School of Ministries, a student must complete and turn in homework for grading at least one course every twelve months. Once a class is purchased, it is due for completion within 90 days.  Students who need more time to complete their course may apply for an extension. Upon acceptance, additional time (a period of grace) may be granted as determined by the School of Ministries.