Winter Term

Winter Term 2020

We will post class information and details for the 2020 Winter Term come this December.

How to Study the Bible
January 4-5, 25-26, 2019

This course is an introduction to basic Bible study methods and rules of interpretation. The student will develop skills in observation, interpretation and application, utilizing the basic tools for biblical research, including Bible translations, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and Bible software. The course will include instruction as well as a significant amount of hands-on application to portions of Scripture and will lay a foundation for biblical study as a discipline.

Six Sessions (3 Credits)


Public Speaking
February 15-16, 2019

This course is an introduction to speech communication which emphasizes the practical skill of public speaking, including techniques to increase speaker confidence. Its goal is to prepare students for success in typical public speaking situations and to provide them with the basic principles of organization and research needed for effective speeches.

Four Sessions (2 Credits)