Extension Classes

White Horse School of Ministries Extension Classes are designed to benefit the local church in training and equipping their leaders and congregations with tools that will help them be effective in their ministry.

These classes are hosted by a preapproved church or ministry in cooperation with WHSM. They are not satellite or extension campuses. The host ministry facilitates a class by purchasing a complete video course and presenting it at their facility to WHSM registered students. These classes are offered for credit or audit. Credit students’ homework is returned to and graded by WHSM. If pursuing a degree from WHSM, all students must adhere to the requirements that are established for each degree.

For more information, please contact the WHSM Director.


New Testament Church

August 3 @ 9am-1:30pm
August 4 @ 2pm-6:30pm

Jesus is building His Church! We must build what HE is building – God’s redeemed community on the earth. God’s design for the New Testament Church is for it to be relevant today – healthy, strong, vibrant, excited, alive, filled with the Holy Spirit and guided by Him! This critically important course will provide the believer with a proper understanding of the local church and how it is to function within the believer’s life, as well as how the individual believer is to relate to the corporate body of Christ.

$135 for Credit - includes syllabus & course work
$50 for Audit - includes syllabus


hosted by:

The River Family Christian Center
19025 Stat Route 339,
Waterford, OH