Tuition & Fees

The cost of each courses is based upon the number of credits assigned to the course.

  • One Time Admissions fee of $25.00 due when submitting application.

  • A three credit class is $170.00 plus the purchase of the textbook.

  • A four credit class is $200.00 plus the purchase of the textbook.

Transfer of Credits from Other Institutions of Learning

Credits may be transferred for work completed at other institutions including a secular or Bible College, providing they are parallel with courses offered by White Horse School of Ministries and the grades earned in these courses are satisfactory.

Students desiring credit for previous courses taken at another institution should request official transcripts from the school, college, or institute previously attended. Transcripts should be sent to the director’s office at White Horse School of Ministries. An evaluation will be made as to the amount of credits that may be transferred. There is a non-refundable credit evaluation fee of $25.00 for this service.

Note that any transcript being evaluated for possible transfer of credit from another school must be submitted BEFORE the last WHSM course is completed.